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3 Reasons For Mediocre Speaking Skills

Lack of confidence

By lacking confidence you're missing out.

There's a strong chance your unsupportive ego voice is fairly loud. Telling you things that don't support you. It keeps you playing small and stuck, in a harmful comfort zone, where you never stretch what's possible.

It keeps you focused on you and your limitations. When the most important element here, is your audience.

Lack of knowledge

By lacking knowledge, you are immediately stopping yourself from improving.

Your knowledge is limited or non-existent. It's impossible to move forward.

You have no idea where to start. It's not your fault though. It is, however, your responsibility to care enough about your audience that you're willing to learn.

Lack of technical skill

By lacking technical skills you aren't giving yourself the best possible chance of speaking consistently with confidence, charisma and impact.

Your skills will be (and maybe are already) very hit and miss. It's all well and good having the knowledge. If you don't have the ability to execute the tools the right way, your results will be mediocre.

That's where I come in.

The 3 Pillar System

In my combined 28 years of experience as a former professional comedy actor and speaking skills coach/trainer, I've discovered 3 essential pillars to ensure you speak with confidence, charisma and impact on video, virtual calls, presentations, meetings, keynotes and more...

Pillar #3

Your ability to become more self-aware about how you come across is directly linked to an increase in your confidence and impact.

I'll take you through a detailed process of self-assessment using a professional metric system.

Pillar #2
Increasing Your Confidence

There are two ways to increase your confidence. Firstly focusing on your inner mind game. I'll help you reframe many of the self-perceptions you have.

Secondly, is practically using the tools and techniques. This will allow your confidence to naturally grow.

Pillar #3
Sharing Your Message With Impact

This is your opportunity to put everything into practice that you've learned.

By implementing the tools and techniques in the day to day of your business you'll be creating new habits to last your entire professional career

Karl Roberts Testimonial + Before & After Video

Karl Roberts
Director, GMR Accountants

Before & After Video

The Benefits Of Improving Your Speaking Skills

Ian Dempsey Just 2 Months Into A 6 Month Program

Ways I Can Support You

TSR Online Course

I've condensed his most powerful tools and techniques into an easily digestible online, self-taught course.

You get 15 years of my experience and knowledge in a course you can re-visit time and time again. Ensuring the learnings sticks with you forever.

Video Critique Service

You've filmed a video or you may have footage of you speaking during a presentation, client call or something else. Invest in "critique minutes" and have me breakdown in detail second by second your performance.

Price prices start from £50 per 1 minute of footage reviewed. Please note - 1 minute of footage typically produces a video of 10-15 minutes in length.

1-2-1 Coaching Program

This is where you'll have the biggest leap in your confidence and impact. Work with me for 3 or 6 months and watch your skills accelerate. Having support like this will hold you accountable, keep you on track and create habits that last.

Investment starts from £1,000. Please see below to compare the Silver, Gold & Platinum options.

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